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Erasmus Mundus Delegates at Kakatiya University application/pdf (502.44 kB)

India4EU — Amrita Students Proceed to Europe

Overseas Faculty Visits Amrita


“It was a wonderful experience for me overall. I interacted with many pioneers in the field. The Erasmus Mundus program helps encourage researchers such as myself. I have gone abroad to several places for research purposes, but this was a very special experience for me that I will cherish forever.”

“The biggest value of the programme is what it has done to my confidence – as a person and as a professional.”

“It is my pleasure to share my pleasant experience in Finland. The work culture there is very good. Everyone is focused and dedicated to work, regardless of their position and age. People are honest and sincere and very very punctual. Finnish people have helping tendency, due to which my stay was pleasant, and I was able to do good work there.”

“I feel my institution has benefited more from my exchange than me; and this is as it should be. My knowledge base is now wider and I am passing this on through my teaching”.

“I have gained a lot of exposure. I now am a student with an international perspective – having worked in teams with students from other parts of the world, I know their work culture and how best I can improve mine. Not only have I become more self-dependant, but also practical (technically). I have become aware of various cultures and have the opportunity to showcase that of my country.”

“The project has excellent potential and the only reason that the rating has not been better is due to very rigid constraints placed on the mobility. We had to start the mobility before a fixed date which did not suit our schedule and prevented optimal utilisation of the mobility.”

“The department here provides excellent opportunities in diversified areas in Electronics and Communications Engineering. The work culture here is very different. Everyone is focused and dedicated to work, regardless of position. At an event organized by the department during my first week here, right from the professor to the secretary of the department, everyone participated. All faces were new to me and I was really confused regarding who was a student and who was staff. Another point I observed is the helping mentality of the Finnish people. Many times when I asked for help, I would not only get the answer or solution, but also, the person would willingly accompany me and participate with me to get the job done.”

“I Personally benefited the most because nobody from my home country participated at the same university, that forced me to communicate in English all the time and to catch up with other internationals. The progress in learning language and things about other peoples´ culture is priceless.”

“These projects are a very good chance to open your mind. For example India’s culture is completely different from the Italian one. In my opinion, this aspect contributes a lot to creating a good engineer, or any other kind of graduated person.”