Selection Outcomes

Applications for mobility were collected during specific Call for Applications application/pdf (57.71 kB) through an online application system accessed through the project website as The Call for Applications was launched on October 9th 2009 and remained open until December 6th 2009 after a period of 60 days as prescribed by the Programme guidelines. It was then reopened from January 28th until February 28th, 2010.

Please click on the link below for the Calls for Applications' Selection Outcomes:

- SELECTED: your application has been selected for a scholarship at the specified Hosting University.
In the next few days you will receive a letter from the Project Coordinator and you will need to confirm your acceptance.
If you have applied for more Universities than the one for which you have been selected, you cannot be selected for the other Universities.
India4EU Selected List 100401 application/pdf (25.60 kB)

- RESERVE: your application is eligible for the specified University/ies, but has not been selected within the number of scholarships available.
You may still be selected in case of not acceptance by a selected candidate. In any case you will receive further notice.
India4EU Reserve List 100401 application/pdf (30.28 kB)

- NOT ELIGIBLE: your application is not eligible for the specified University/ies because of administrative or academic reasons. Cause for not eligibility is provided in the list.
India4EU Not Eligible List 100401 application/pdf (80.39 kB)